Eduventure is a social enterprise that has a goal to create smart kids through playing. It has a dream to see kids learn with spirit and joy. It also believes that every child has a right to enjoy learning although they live in rural areas. Eduventure wants to create games in mobile applications as a learning medium for children.

SEA Ventures

SEA Ventures is a social enterprise, focusing on solving environmental and socio economic issues of coastal communities in underdeveloped regions of Indonesia starting from Banda Neira, Maluku. They derive their revenues through eco-travelling service, marine biological research, and coral conservation course. SEA Ventures help coastal communities sustaining their livelihoods by developing tools and mechanism to protect ocean resources and its biodiversity.


Campa Tour

Campa is an social enterprise specializing in tour & travel service in Indonesia. In Campa, customers will explore more on the history and culture of unique destinations and experience interacting with locals. Not only that, customers will also contribute to the local community development. To support local tourism, Campa design a special program to assist local people in improving the service quality and gain more income from tourism. The program is named CAVENTER: Campa Community Development and Ecotourism Center. Currently, Campa partner with 5 communities in Java and Nusa Tenggara Timur (Banten, Kebumen, Komodo, Sumba, dan Rote) to improve their capacity in tourism management.


Du’Anyam is a social enterprise that provides alternative employment for pregnant women in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Indonesia. It aims to improve maternal and newborn health by reducing risks associated with heavy agricultural labor during pregnancy and increasing financial access to health services and proper nutrition. This is achieved by leveraging an existing skill, wicker weaving and building relationship between weaving community and consumers for the production and sale of handmade wicker products.

Roas Mitra

Roas Mitra Nusantara is a social enterprise that works to support farming communities and forest dwellers from Halmahera and Ternate. The group mobilizes young producers from across the region to pursue local business activities, by empowering them to build opportunities and work together. Roas Mitra also promotes the cultural, historic and potential economic value of local food biodiversity. One of these local foods is Bunga Telang, which has been listed on the Slow Food Ark of Taste (Ternate Butterfly Pea). Currently, there are over 200 farmers who work with Roas Mitra, producing coconut oil, sago starch, kenari nut, nutmeg and clove

ISM Sinar Abadi

Koperasi ISM Sinar Abadi is a cooperative of woman whose husband are fishermen, located in Serang, Banten Province. It has 36 members of women and each of them has an average income US$ 50 – 70 per month for cleaning green mussel. Koperasi ISM Sinar Abadi is developing its management ability to manage more green scallop farms so they have assets and extra income.

Bintang Langit Mandiri

Bintang Langit Mandiri is a social enterprise which was started as a village movement in Kalakijo, Bantul, Yogyakarta in 2013 to address poverty. It was initiated by leaders of the Kalakijo village and some villagers. Bintang Langit Mandiri wants to build an Environment Education Center which consists of organic farming, outbound training, and traditional Javanesse cuisine as destination for local tourists.



AgriSocio is a social enterprise in agriculture and food industry in Bogor. Indonesia has more than 72000 villages with unique potential in each village. These potential cannot be optimized as villagers lack access to technology, capital, and institutional support. AgriSocio works to overcome this problem by bringing together young generation to contribute to the village and improve the villages with local branding concept, uplifting quality of products. Agrisocio helps to bring to market locally branded products in an equitable way by being partners with the villagers, hence, increasing the income of village farmers.

Tinamitra Mandiri

Tinamitra Mandiri is a social enterprise that works to become a leading provider of clean energy and major player in alternative energy resources management as well as pioneer for sustainable inclusive economies. One of its project is in Komodo Island which is famous with its amazing natural resource and its komodo dragon. However, due to its dry climate, people around Komodo national Park Area in East Nusa Tenggara face severe water problem for years. In 2011, Komodo WAI was estabilished by Tinamitra Mandiri and together with the community they started to build clean water stations to provide local water supply.


Torajamelo is a social enterprise that has aims to preserve Toraja weaving and empower Toraja women by designing, producing and marketing high quality products made of Toraja weaving. It focuses on solving the feminization of poverty and the rejuvenation of the “dying” hand-weaving heritage in Indonesia. A key source of income for many homebound indigenous poor women in rural area of Indonesia is back-strap weaving. However, prices and demand is still low, made worse by factories copying their indigenous designs and selling them cheap. So many resorts to working as migrant workers, and many come back abused with unwanted pregnancies. TORAJAMELO aims to stop this cycle of poverty and violence using weaving as the entry point.

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