Indonesia is one of the biggest cocoa producing countries in one world. however cocoa farmer in Indonesia has low income and Indonesia has low value creation and employment from downstream manufacturing of chocolate. Kakoa produce premium quality chocholate and involve in all steps of the chocolate manufacturing process (bean to bar), and keep all processing domestic, thus ensuring the maximum amount of economic value and job creation in Indonesia. Kakoa conducts direct sourcing from smallholder farmers and provides high price premiums (up to double market average) directly them.

Energi Persada

CV Energi Persada mission is improve cow farmers income in Lembang, West java through he output from biogas reactor. the biogas reactor is used ad a household cooking fuel. Disester construction techniques use brick construction, cement, and cast. with the standardization of quality and SOP, this Construction can last decades to provide a source of energy for household cooking. During that time the owner of biogas reactor can obtain fuel from the biomass waste.

Homenet Indonesia

homenet Indonesia is an NGO with focused on women empowerment. What they do id advocate, facilitate, and train poor housewives. many of them are domestic violence victim. They need a sustainable business model to grow and help more women. Homenet Indonesia is Now transforming itself from NGO to social venture.

Koprasi Serba Usaha Lestari

Koperasi Lestari located in Cigombong, Bogor, West Java is a cooperative of villagers and organic rice farmers. Koperasi Lestari aims to us organic farming method to restored bare infertile soil because ofexcessive use of chemical fertilizer and pesticide.

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