Du’Anyam produces and distributes wicker crafts to empower and improve health of rural Indonesian women. Du’Anyam aims to be the first and largest ethically-sourced wicker craft supplier in Indonesia. Founded in November 2014, today Du’Anyam works with 270 women across 15 villages in their pilot program site of NTT supplying over 10,000 wicker products to hotels and resorts in Bali.

Du’Anyam was first started to tackle the socioeconomic issues behind maternal and newborn health in rural areas where lack of year-round cash due to sole dependency on agriculture leads to high malnutrition cases. On the other hand, most rural women already have wicker weaving skills using natural resources that are abundant in the area but do not have access to the large, growing domestic and global market. Du’Anyam bridges this gap by becoming an active player in the wicker craft industry, providing marketable design and quality control as well as selling the high quality wicker crafts mainly to hotels and resorts to secure large, repeating orders. Du’Anyam also partners with local health workers and non-profit organization to educate and encourage positive health behavior change among the weavers through nutrition education, health savings, and community-based nutritious food production.

Realizing the similar potential and needs in other rural areas of Indonesia, Du’Anyam aims to expand its program and production sites to other areas across Indonesia, growing both its product offering and social impact. “By capitalizing on the existing resources in rural areas and connecting them to the market, we will achieve the three corner stones of our social mission: economic empowerment, health improvement, and local culture promotion,” said Azalea Ayuningtyas, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Du’Anyam.

“We are thrilled to see Du’Anyam joins Indonesia’s pioneers of impact enterprises. With clear problem solution and market fit, Du’Anyam has the chance to bring sustainable impact and women empowerment work to the market. By continuing to be relevant to the market, supported with strong team, Du’Anyam should set the record straight to sceptics of impact enterprises.”, said Natalia Rialucky, Head of Impact Investment ANGIN.

Du’Anyam was founded by Azalea Ayuningtyas, Yohanna Keraf, Melia Winata, and Zona Ngadiman, all of whom come from diverse professional background. Azalea was a consultant at a global healthcare strategy firm upon graduation from Harvard School of Public Health and Yohanna had 4-years of experience working for an international NGO on Small Medium Enterprise and private sector development in NTT, the pilot program site. Melia’s marketing experience in running her family business in real estate and clothing sector as well as Zona’s 4-years supply chain and market analysis experience in Toyota Asia Pacific bring the business perspective into play in the team. “We are excited to work with ANGIN because they do not only provide funds to drive our business, but also mentorship and relevant connections which are important for our success,” Melia Winata, Chief Marketing Officer of Du’Anyam shared.


About Ibu Mariko
Ibu Mariko Asmara Yoshihara is the Chairman of JAC Recruitment Indonesia and one of the most active angel impact investor in Indonesia. Ibu Mariko is also the co-founder of Sato Kogyo Indonesia and Ango Ventures. She has invested in multiple businesses aiming to deliver improved in livelihood through sustainable agriculture, empowerment and capacity building.
“I believe in Ayu and her team’s passion to solve the problem in women maternal health, education and livelihood. What they are doing is key to our nation’s growth. I believe, as a nation, Indonesia cannot make sizable improvement if we cannot solve under privileged mother and children’s basic problem. These children are the future of this country.” said Ibu Mariko.

ANGIN (Angel Investment Network Indonesia) is the first and largest angel investor network in Indonesia. It gathers 40 high-net-worth individuals who pool resources together to engage in early stage investment and mentoring. ANGIN team supports entrepreneurs on their fundraising journey by equipping them with the right assets, connecting them with minded investors, to ensure entrepreneurs get the right resources at the right terms in order to expand their operations and impact. ANGIN has led 15 investments over the last two years and supported 25 companies to fundraise.

Source http://angin.id/2016/10/24/duanyam-received-an-investment-from-ibu-mariko-asmara/